Attire in the workplace is far more important than most people think. Making yourself look presentable and professional should be enforced as a requirement not a choice in the workforce.

There are many different forms of attire that all hold different meanings including but not limited to traditional business attire, smart casual business attire, business casual attire and casual attire. What attire is appropriate within your workplace will depend on the requirements, responsibilities and environment you are surrounded by. 

Key attributes that should be included with the various forms of business attire:

  • Women: jewelry, makeup and hair pulled away from your face. 
  • Men: Watch, belt, a touch of cologne 

Accessories to include with business attire:

  • Briefcase
  • Professional business bag
  • Leather folder with notepad and pen 

As seen in the picture, the various forms of business attire are explained below;

Traditional Business Attire is a business attire that could be foreseen as “dressing to the nines”. This includes:

Men: formal suit, tie, business professional shirt, belt, leather or patent leather shoes, light accessories including a watch and an appropriate amount of cologne. 

Women: skirt, dress or pant suit with a formal mid to high neck blouse, stockings if applicable with closed toed pumps. 


Smart Casual Business Attire is more on the casual side with a twist of professionalism. This includes:

Men: sports jacket with a tie, buttoned down traditional shirt, dress shoes, and accessories such as a watch, belt and cologne.

Women: jacket or dressy sweater, dress pants, blouse or top, closed toed dress shoes. Jewelry is a plus and adds a nice touch to any outfit on a woman.


Business Casual Attire 

Men: khakis, dress pants, tucked in golf shirt with a collar, vests or a sweater. This can be worn with attractive casual shoes or dress shoes.

Women: nice pants, skirts, tops with a vest, informal jacket, dressy sweater, leather or patent leather closed toe shoes.


Casual Attire is worn on the reoccurring “dress down Fridays”

Men: casual pants, jeans, shirt with or without collar, casual sweatshirts, casual shoes including sandals and athletic wear

Women: casual pants, jeans, casual sweaters, casual shoes, sandals and athletic wear. 

**For both men and women it is recommended to have one of the following; briefcase, leather folder, small business bag to carry your belongings in**

Being overdressed is better than being under dressed. The environment in a workplace starts with attire. It is important to be professional and look presentable when being in the office, face to face with a client/customer or presenting the company you work for as a whole. These tips and tools should help lead you to looking and feeling your best!