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The Daily Blogger

Three ways you can ensure your employees feel valued

As a leader in your business, it is important to realize that the most valuable part of your company is the people—the human capital—and any plans to move your business forward have to begin with making sure your people feel valued and not left in the dark. Here are three ways you can ensure your employees feel valued:

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Attire In The Workplace

Attire in the workplace is far more important than most people think. Making yourself look presentable and professional should be enforced as a requirement not a choice in the workforce. There are many different forms of attire that all hold different meanings...

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Why Companies Should Utilize Recruiters

It’s a candidate’s market in 2019 and the unemployment being so low, there are less candidates in the unemployed sector. To find the top talent it takes dedication and time and for most companies those efforts need to be focused elsewhere. Leave it up to the experts...

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Video Interview Tips That Will Help Lead You To Success!

Have you been asked by potential employers to complete a video interview instead of a face to face interview? Welcome to the 21st century, we now live in world of everything DIGITAL and video interviews are becoming increasingly popular. Employers are utilizing...

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5 Benefits Companies Gain by Offering an Internship Program

Time and time again companies are looking for qualified candidates to join their team as a full-time employee, but in order to become a qualified candidate, you need EXPERIENCE. Recent college graduates go through four years of college to learn and acquire degrees,...

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