Time and time again companies are looking for qualified candidates to join their team as a full-time employee, but in order to become a qualified candidate, you need EXPERIENCE. Recent college graduates go through four years of college to learn and acquire degrees, but what is the use of an expensive piece of paper if you do not have the experience you need to get your foot in the door?

Upon graduation, colleges nationwide have/are making it mandatory to have completed internship hours before obtaining your degree. Internship programs have helped to set students up for success by gaining the necessary experience needed for their future careers. These programs can be beneficial for both students and companies.

Still asking why? Here are 5 benefits your companies can gain just by offering an internship program:

  1. Long Term Investment
    • By adding an internship program to your company, you have the free will to determine if you will be offering a paid or unpaid internship.
      • Paid Internships are typically offered at a lower rate than a full-time employee while still gaining the benefits and receiving completed quality work for a smaller charge.
      • Unpaid Internships are another option and allows college students to gain the necessary experience needed to start a full-time career while allowing the company to market their name through resumes.
    • The overall outcome of an internship is to be able to sculpt a candidate into the job by ‘showing them the ropes’ and teaching them how the company operates to furthermore gain a successful employee.
  2. Discovering Talent
    • You never know what you might find! Bringing on interns can reveal hidden talent from within. College student or recent college graduates can bring fresh and sharp talent to the table and gives companies the ability to have ‘all hands-on deck’ while teaching them the ins and outs of your company.
  3. Management Practice
    • Do you have a lot of Sr. level employees that are looking for growth potentials? Allowing for those employees to manage a team of interns can help them gain experience in management practices. It makes for a learning environment as experienced employees and interns can learn from each other in a team building setting.
  4. Drive and Productivity
    • Having a hard time getting your employees to check everything off on their “to do lists” because there is just so much to do? That is where interns come into play. Specific tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed by the close of business can be handed off to the internship team. This will increase the productivity and drive to get tasks done and give companies the ability to hand simple tasks off to interns that are looking to gain experience and familiarity in the workplace.
  5. Experience 
    • Internship programs are becoming more and more popular in today’s world due to experience being a necessity when entering a full-time job. Starting an internship program will benefit recent college graduates and college students and allow them to gain skills and experience for the ‘real world’ while adding a cultivating experience for your company.
    • Companies benefit tremendously when offering internship program because when it comes time to make a permanent hire, it is a no brainer that one or many of the interns have the experience to fit the part of the job. This will allow the company to have a smooth transition and faster training periods as a result of them interning with the company and knowledge of how the company runs.

Join in on offering an internship programs and provide an all-inclusive experience for the interns as well as your company!